our story

is about a millennial wanting to

break norms, empower women and do something out of the box.

How many women have you seen in the diamond jewelry industry?

How many women have you heard say they bought their own diamonds? 

How many people have you seen wearing unique diamond jewelry?

On a business visit to Surat, Himani Shah came across a relatively unheard type of diamond cut; 'pie-cut diamonds'. Being a millennial jewelry designer, it instantly clicked to her that pie-cut diamonds was the exact creativity she was looking for to introduce into the diamond jewelry market. A fusion of fancy cut diamonds that; when put together could create an illusion of a solitaire diamond.

The perfect go-to for millennials - affordable and modern.

The March Hong Kong Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show 2018 was the launchpad for this special diamond cut; and seeing the positive response we became one of the first in the industry to launch pie-cut diamond jewelry into the Hong Kong and US diamond jewelry retail market under the brand name

 "Innaya By Himani Shah".






grace; solitude; kindness


Based in Hong Kong, Innaya is a one of a kind natural pie-cut diamond luxury jewelry brand;

that offers a range of solitaire resembling jewelry, at only a tenth of the price.

We specialize in engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding/bridal jewelry in

Hong Kong, India and USA.

Our jewelry is handcrafted using custom made pie-cut diamonds, which are specially polished and assembled in a way to give an illusion look of a single, big solitaire diamond. This unique artistry uses less carats of diamonds and distinctive setting techniques to illuminate a larger carat sized diamond.

An example would be a two carat pie-cut emerald diamond that projects the look of an eight carat solitaire emerald-cut diamond. 

At Innaya we only give our clients the best of the best with no compromise for quality. All our diamonds are 100% natural, conflict-free, of topmost clarity (VVS), color (G+) and; all our jewelry goes through a rigorous quality control check to ensure utmost perfection and impeccable quality of products.

We only use 18K gold for all our jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is made to design, giving our clients the opportunity to customize their jewelry just the way they like it. Crafted through handmade techniques, one piece of jewelry takes up-to two weeks of work to ensure perfection. 

Our collection elegantly walks the line between statement yet classic. We make wearing big diamonds, as effortless and light-weight as possible; and be sure that no-heads will be left un-turned when you walk through a crowd of people and your big big diamonds are shining brighter than the stars! 

We would like you to know that we believe the journey should be as beautiful as the jewelry; hence why we aim to provide our clients with the best jewelry shopping experience; both on our online platform and in store! We ensure you we've got the most competitive prices in the market for the quality and service we provide for our clients. 

Happy Shopping! 

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