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Star Pie Cut Diamond - Innaya Jewelry by Himani Shah - Hong Kong Jewellery Store
Pear Pie Cut Diamond -  - Innaya Jewelry by Himani Shah - Hong Kong Jewellery Store
Heart Pie Cut Diamond -  - Innaya Jewelry by Himani Shah - Hong Kong Jewellery Store

pie cut diamonds

1. What are 'pie-cut diamonds'

Pie-cut diamonds are manufactured through a creative craftsmanship where smaller fancy cut diamonds are carefully matched and polished to shape together an illusion of a larger solitaire fancy cut diamond. It has a striking resemblance to a solitaire diamond, and is priced at only 10% of a solitaire; which customers consider a value for money investment.


Pie-cut diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as: asscher, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess and round cut, and sizes ranging from 0.40 to 2.75 cts, which give an illusion look of upto a 12cts solitaire diamond.

2. What is the origin of these diamonds?

All of our pie-cut diamonds are natural and conflict-free that are sourced from mines all around the world and polished in our manufacturing factory in Surat, India. There are only numbered factories in Surat that can polish these special diamonds, and we are one of them. The diamonds are then sent over to Hong Kong for designing and jewelry manufacturing purposes. 


3. What is the quality and color of these 'pie-cut diamonds'?


All of our diamonds are:

Clarity: VVS1

Color: G+

Cut, Polish, and Symmetry: Excellent

4. Can I get these diamonds certified?

Yes, of course! We provide a certification service for the following laboratories: GIA, NGTC, IGI and HRD, at a cost.

5. What is the re-sell value of pie-cut jewelry? 

Any diamond jewelry holds sentimental value for the jewelry owner and therefore, we would hate it if you sell that diamond to someone else. Rather, we suggest that if you get bored of your current design, come back to us and we will re-design it for you FOR FREE. For example: we can turn a pendant into a ring, or a pair of earrings into a two different designed rings! That way you can still keep your special diamond with you, and have a completely new diamond jewelry made from the same diamond and no one will ever find out - you can check out some of the transitions here.

6. What is the price difference between a solitaire diamond jewelry and pie-cut diamond jewelry? 

Pie-cut diamond jewelry is only at 10% of the price of a solitaire diamond jewelry. This means you can buy 10 pie-cut diamond jewelries at the price of a single solitaire diamond jewelry.

7. What purity gold do you use?

All our jewelry is made in 18k gold, which means 75% purity of gold.

8. What is the quality and color of the side diamonds you use?

All of our diamonds are natural and conflict-free, and are: 

Clarity: VVS1-VS1

Color: G+

Cut, Polish, and Symmetry: Excellent

9. What do you do to ensure that none of the diamond pieces will fall off the jewelry?

Our jewelry is manufactured using a combination of machinery and handmade techniques to ensure utmost perfection. Our grooving machinery sets the diamond in such a perfect way that it is impossible to see that these are smaller diamond put together to create an illusion. Then through handmade techniques, we use gold wiring to join all the pie-cut diamonds together to the gold to ensure that none of the diamonds can fall out.

Each jewelry passes a strict quality control that our team assess before it leaves the factory to ensure that the jewelry has been made to design and perfection. 

We have carried out multiple quality control tests on our jewelry to make sure that our manufacturing techniques ensure that the diamonds will not fall off. The testing we have tried are: pressure testing, altitude-drop test, water-resistance test and accidental hit tests. Our jewelry has successfully passed all these tests. However, we cannot take guarantee if any of the diamonds fall out because of heavy trauma or conditions that are out of our control. 

Any more questions regarding 'pie-cut diamonds' , send us an e-mail.

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