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Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds - Which One to Invest In?

There has been a rise in conversation about natural diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds and which one to invest in? Here is our take on it.

Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have created a state of confusion for consumers who are debating between price vs. value. Should they make purchases of lab-grown diamonds based on their price factor or should they make smaller but higher value purchases? Find below our advice to consumers - natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds - which purchase is the better investment.

Lab-grown diamonds are enjoying a wave of popularity today in a challenging economy where consumers are price sensitive.

However, the prices of lab grown diamonds are constantly declining due to over-production by 24-hours running machinery, which operate on huge amounts of energy, using non eco-friendly energy resources.

What if, in the future, lab grown diamonds are equivalent to American diamonds, cubic zirconia or moissanite - similar look to natural diamonds but, incomparable price, value & rarity to natural diamonds.

Whereas, when we think or speak about natural diamonds, the first thought that comes to our mind is -

high value, rare find and true love.

Natural diamonds are a class apart, despite the fluctuations, the prices of natural diamonds have been on an upward increase over the years.

In a few years time, owning a natural diamond will become a rarity and prices may skyrocket, as the natural diamond mines can only extract a limited amount of rough diamond, that have been produced by Mother Earth over 1 - 3.3 billion years.

Our Advice: Buy Smaller Diamonds, Make Smaller Investments, But Make the Right Investment.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • I'm Leaning Towards Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Natural Diamonds All The Way

  • Confused


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